You will be off your own video game, McKay – and also you was in fact humming after you was available in

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You will be off your own video game, McKay – and also you was in fact humming after you was available in

“The really Good Boyfriend” from the chelle NC-17 — Madison’s small deal with turned on the an excellent frown. “They are your boy friend, not your boyfriend.”

“Buffalo Wings” by the omglawdork Roentgen — Bien au. “Mmmm, zero comments on the my weight ass? ” Cadman leaned in more than their desk, grinning wickedly. “Another person’s got an excellent daaaaaaate.”

“Crisis Solutions” because of the sirkate”> and “bard_mercutio R — Rodney and you will John possess a misconception which leads to making right up and then making out.

“In which the Sun Never Be noticeable” by toomuchplor Roentgen — The fresh door on the M5R-Y34 was really well normal except for how it took off brand new gate organizations dresses because they moved through the knowledge horizon.

“That have Like” by Astrid Maisiuil PG — John hadn’t identified relationship might possibly be like this. The new stammer from Rodney’s touch on their shoulder says he hadn’t possibly.

“Fantastic Entrance Strait” of the Pouncer NC-17 — John know Rodney, their pros and cons and you can blind spots, the way in which however force early in the day their restrictions while they was basically facing specific doom, new smug tip from his mouth as he is actually turned-out correct. So John you are going to identify how come Rodney is actually giving for the neuroses regarding the Rod’s visibility towards Atlantis, could sigh and decide the guy extremely did need certainly to interfere, merely so it immediately after.

“Global Klein Bluish vs. the quality Model” by the zoetrope NC-17 — “You are taking hop out. Your. Get off.” Rodney’s eyebrows was indeed near their hairline. “You. A holiday.”

“Only Your” by ras_elased NC-17 — Alternative finish so you’re able to ‘McKay and you can Mrs. Miller’, in which Rodney goes toward Rod’s solution universe rather.

“Ray Me personally Upwards, Caldy” of the clouder R — However, John imagines in any event, this package of them days, when he do throw in the towel and you can do something stupid, itll likely to be some of those avoid-of-the-universe-as-we-know-they or we-have–hours-left-to-live something so it will not resemble heck possess long to live towards treat and you may you’ll frustration hell need face.

“As if you Touch Me personally” because of the j_giles_band PG-thirteen — It’s difficult to help you lay having reach, but John and you may Rodney give it their utmost attempt.

“Kahs-Wan New Enough time Cool Path Of Heck Remix)” by dangermars PG-thirteen — “Branches,” John claims quickly. Rodney turns around, however, he or she is nevertheless alone. Best. They have started the hallucination part of the date.

“Descent off Guy” by the Kat Reitz & tzigane PG-thirteen — Blog post “Tao out of Rodney”. Rodney enjoys ascended, and you will John gets himself trapped that have an animal.

Gay penguin sex

“Animalia Succession” of the Leah PG 13 — Where Daniel will get turned into a good monkey after which John and Rodney score became penguins. That it fic has won prizes because it is exactly that comedy. Now it’s time to see it.

Simply great

“I’m Your Picture Outfitted since the Globe” of the Mirabile Dictu PG-thirteen — Most of these months and weeks by yourself on the jumper had motivated your in love.

“New Places in the middle” by Luthien NC-17 — Occurrence level having Preferred Ground. “You actually do look more youthful than you did ahead of, you know,” Rodney states.

“Rodney’s Crappy Time” because of the boochicken NC-17 — Rodney will get became a beneficial vampire. Just their average date on the Pegasus universe.

“Fireball” chili naisten avioliitto by the Celli Way NC-17 — Women’s and you will gentlemen, their driver of one’s Matter 21 Air Force Ford Combo, John Sheppard. Bien au.

“The hottest Chocolate Processor chip Cookie Money-And also make Boyfriend Prize” from the Auburn Roentgen — “Okay, the new signal,” John murmured facing Rodney’s lips during the one-point. “Zero preparing and making out any longer otherwise we will find yourself consuming the kitchen off.”

“A formula having Best Charm” from the aesc R — He will see it one day during the a lab close to the stasis chambers, humdrum gold-bluish with jointed base such as for instance a spiders. Brand new database will state your the goals and exactly what it do, and then he tend to set it up away, however, ensure that it stays within reach.

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