How do Drop Shipments work for sales tax purposes?

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drop shipping and sales tax

Sometimes your small business takes an order for a product you don’t actually have in stock at your location. You might not even actually carry that item, nor have you ever carried that item. However, because you love your customers and want to cater to their needs, you ordered the item from a third party; maybe a wholesaler warehouse, or a manufacturer. Typically, dropshippers report their income as self-employment income on their tax return. This should be reported on Schedule C, along with any expenses related to their business. The following links have been curated specifically for businesses looking for further information about dropshipping fulfillment, apps, profit margins & product pricing, etc.

The final option is to pay the tax charged by the vendor and just consider it an additional 8 percent to your cost-of-sales. In states like California that have a very rigid structure around resale certificates, vendors with nexus in that state will be expecting your company to provide them with a certificate that is valid in California. Your company’s failure to provide that certificate will cause your vendor to charge your company sales tax on the transaction. Your failure to provide a resale certificate turns this “resale” transaction into a taxable “retail” transaction.

Scenario 1: Ron Retailer collects the sale tax from Bobby Buyer

Traditionally, every brick-and-mortar store is expected to pay taxes. Paying taxes is required for all businesses, including those operated online. This means that just because you have a dropshipping business doesn’t mean that you are exempted from paying dropshipping taxes. If no breakdown is provided, the shipping and handling charges for the entire shipment are subject to tax.

drop shipping and sales tax

Since you didn’t live in any state, you’d have no nexus in the first place. At NicheDropshipping, we completely understand how confusing it can be to deal with dropshipping taxes, so feel free to reach out if you still have questions. But, for customers in states where drop shipping sales tax you don’t have a nexus, you can set an exemption by not charging tax. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay your taxes if you don’t get the form. As we mentioned before, every single income you make through Shopify payments or PayPal is subject to taxes.

Sales Tax (USA)

If you’re feeling stuck, TaxJar’s software can help you get your sales tax filed properly, all online. If you still have lingering questions, you can speak with a vetted sales tax expert who can help you navigate drop shipping and sales tax. However, in ten states you are required to register for a sales tax permit and collect sales tax from all buyers in that state in order to take advantage of the perks of having a resale certificate. Drop shipping is becoming more embraced by retailers each day.

Drop shipping seems simple until you start thinking about sales tax. Drop shipping creates a convoluted web of possible scenarios for who collects sales tax from whom, especially when the buyer, seller, and drop shipper are spread across multiple states. Now let’s say you are located in another state and don’t have nexus in Virginia, but the vendor does. In this situation, they could be responsible for collecting sales tax. Keep in mind that this depends on the state, and the vendor would need to verify this information.

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Lastly, hiring a tax professional can help you navigate your dropshipping taxes. They can help you identify deductions and credits that you may not be aware of and ensure compliance with all tax laws and regulations. But in case your dropshipping business is based outside of the European Union and you are sourcing your products from an EU supplier, you will not have to pay VAT.

drop shipping and sales tax

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