SAE Technology Documentation, , 2014-Sep (September ) , Additional information

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SAE Technology Documentation, , 2014-Sep (September ) , Additional information

Ernest Letter.;Cohen K.;Schumacher C.;Casbeer D. (01-01-2014. ) Discovering from wise controllers to own autonomous unmanned treat aerial vehicles by hereditary cascad .

Wei W.;Tischler Yards.;Schwartz N.;Cohen K. (01-01-2014. ) Frequency-domain program personality and you may simulation out of good quadrotor controller .AIAA Modeling and you will Simulator Development Fulfilling 2014, , Addiitional information

Fnu V.S.; Cohen K. (01-01-2014. ) Brilliant blurry trip control over an autonomous quadrotor UAV .52nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Fulfilling – AIAA Research and you will Technical Discussion board and you may Exposition, SciTech 2014, , Facts

Kivelevitch E.; Sharma B.; Ernest N.; Ku. ) A good Hierarchical Sector Option to new Minute-Maximum Several Depots Auto Navigation Disease .Unmanned Assistance, , 2 (step 1 ) ,87-100 Info

Sabo C.; Kingston D.; Cohen K. (01-01-2014. ) A components and you will Heuristic Way of Activity Allotment and Navigation off UAVs not as much as Limited Communicat .Unmanned Expertise, , 2 (1 ) ,1-17 Additional information

Homchaudhuri B.;Ku. ) Genetic algorithm created simulation-optimization to own attacking wildfires .Around the world Journal away from Computational Steps, , ten (6 ) , Details

Kivelevitch E.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) An industry-oriented choice to the latest numerous travel salesmen condition .Journal from Intelligent and you will Robotic Possibilities: Theory and you can Apps, , 72 (1 ) ,21-40 More info

Mitchell S.Meters.;Ernest N. (09-16-2013. ) Comparison out of blurred optimization and hereditary blurred actions inside the fixing an effective modified traveling salesman .AIAA Infotech in the Aerospace (I from the An effective) Conference, ,

Cohen K.; Kivelevitch E.; Ku. ) Market-situated choice to the fresh new Numerous Depots, Several Travel Salesmen Problem with profits .AIAA Infotech from the Aerospace (We on An excellent) Meeting, ,

D.;Cohen K

Agarwal J.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) Fuzzy reason centered genuine-date forecast design getting wildland forest fires .AIAA Infotech during the Aerospace (We in the A good) Fulfilling, ,

Cohen K.; Kivelevitch Age.; Kuming choice to the newest Minute-Max Multiple-Depots, Multiple Take a trip Salesperson Disease .AIAA Infotech in the Aerospace (We at the A beneficial) Fulfilling, ,

Ernest N.;Cohen K.;Schumacher C. (09-16-2013. ) UAV swarm routing through genetic blurry discovering steps .AIAA Infotech at Aerospace (We from the An excellent) Fulfilling, ,

Cohen K.; Putman P.; Walker An effective. (09-16-2013. ) Blurry reason feelings power over a good magnetically actuated CubeSat .AIAA Infotech at the Aerospace (We at the An effective) Meeting, ,

Garg S.;Sharma B.R.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) A proper Orthogonal Decomposition depending formula having smoking selection inside the films .Proceedings of your American Control Meeting, , 3529-3534

;Kukreti A good.;Cohen K. (09-01-2013. ) Enhancement away from an experienced size damper to own building structures playing with blurry reasoning .JVC/Log regarding Oscillations and Manage, , 19 (12 ) ,1763-1772 Additional info

Walker An effective.;Cohen K. (08-19-2013. ) Fuzzy power over two several-degree of independence expertise .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Fulfilling such as the The latest Limits Discussion board and Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Cohen K.; Garg S.; Ku. ) A blurred Logic centered image handling way for automatic fire and you may tobacco recognition .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the Brand new Horizons Forum and you will Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Agarwal J.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) Applying of Fuzzy logic and GIS into the a flames-anticipate formula having situationalk sense mainly based o .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Fulfilling like the The brand new Horizons Message board and you may Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Make B.;Mitchell S.;Cohen K. (08-19-2013. ) Fuzzy reasoning inference to own pong (FLIP) .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference like the The fresh new Perspectives Forum and you may Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Mitchell S.;Cohen K.;Ku. ) Reliability Station Optimisation having fun with Fuzzy Cleverness (PROFIT) .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Appointment for instance the The newest Perspectives Forum and you may Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Hanlon N.;Kuic programming to possess choice-and come up with and you will investment allocation through the wildland fires .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference such as the The latest Horizons Discussion board and Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

Edalath S

Cohen K.; Ernest N.; Schumacher C. (08-19-2013. ) Collaborative tasking regarding UAV’s playing with an inherited blurred means .51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting for instance the This new Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition 2013, ,

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